Monthly Archives: May 2021

10-Point Framework for Family Money Conversations

At Wealth Architects, we hold a “University” every year where we dive deep into subjects that help our clients live wealthier lives beyond just financial stability. Years back, we created a 10-point framework for navigating family money conversations. We’re seeing an increase in the need for more family money conversations today, and hope this framework provides some clarity.

“I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!”

Hurrah! After a very tumultuous year, Q1 2021 provided many equity investors plenty to smile about. Globally, stocks continued their upward trajectory. Unlike most of last year, however, large-growth stocks did not appear to drive the returns. Instead, we saw value and small companies come roaring back. Today we’ll review last quarter’s equity returns, explain what might be driving up value and small stocks, and examine whether we are at the start of a long-term trend.