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A Practical Guide to Creating Healthy Money Mindsets In Your Family

There’s not one “right” way to talk to your child about finances; the only mistake is avoiding the topic altogether. Many of us were taught that discussing money is taboo, even within families. While complete financial transparency is not always necessary, open dialogue is. Money conversations are different in every household because of unique family dynamics, history and financial makeup. It’s worth taking the time to figure out which approach makes sense for you and your family. 

College Admissions: 6 Strategies for Success

Navigating the complex college admissions process can feel overwhelming and stressful for students and parents. The effort that goes into academic planning, financing and applying to schools is often accompanied by feelings of pressure and anxiety. These feelings may be further intensified for students who have their sights set on attending an ultra competitive institution, such as an Ivy League, with acceptance rates as low as 3.9 percent.¹ The reassuring news is that the majority of US colleges admit most applicants,² with the national acceptance rate for the 2021-2022 school year averaging just over 57 percent.