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First Quarter Review and Year in Review 2022 Part 2: Bonds

Last quarter we reviewed 2022 equity returns. Although most equity indices went down last year, we saw that diversifying stock portfolios by adding small and value stocks likely helped blunt the bear market blow.¹ Today we’d like to follow up by reviewing bond returns of 2022. But first, a quick look at the capital-market returns from this past quarter.

Outliving a Life Partner: Early Preparation Provides Comfort When You Need it Most

The death of a loved one is a subject many of us avoid thinking about until we must. But however unpalatable it may feel to get you and your life partner’s affairs in order now, prior to an unexpected death or terminal illness, it becomes significantly more difficult after the fact. By preparing in advance, you and your partner are doing the ultimate favor for your future selves. You are offering each other some relief and an improved state of mind during what will likely be a painful and overwhelming time.