Monthly Archives: October 2023

Young Professionals: Career Planning with the “Background, Blueprint, Build” Model

We are colleagues and associates at Wealth Architects, a wealth and life planning firm. We have worked in multiple roles and office environments prior to this one, and have taken away some lessons that we think will be helpful for other young professionals – in any industry – at the early stages of their careers.

A Change in Trends

Last quarter, stocks took back some of the robust returns investors enjoyed through the first half of the year.

A Money and Love Decision-Making Framework: Q&A with Myra Strober and Abby Davisson

For over 50 years, Labor Economist and Stanford University Professor Emerita Myra Strober has been investigating the financial, psychological and relational implications of major life decision-making. Together with former student and social innovation leader, Abby Davisson, they developed a framework for navigating complex conversations and decisions pertaining to our personal and professional lives.