Jun 26, 2020

Finding Your True North During Uncertain Times

Jun 26, 2020

Wealth Architects
On June 25th, 2020, we were delighted to host a webinar with Susan Fox, MA – Executive and Life Coach, A.I.M. High Coaching and Mark T. Johnsen, CEO and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Architects.

The conversation focused on the following topics:

  • The role of a financial-life coach during challenging times and stress
  • How you can feel more in control by taking charge of what’s possible
  • Building resilience and ways to manage stress, anxiety, and fear
  • Finding purpose and goals in light of an uncertain future
  • How to use this unique environment to have quality time and meaningful conversations with family members
  • Tools and resources to navigate back to your personal “True North”

You can view the entire webinar below. We hope this presentation will help on your journey to build a wealthier life.