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Wealth Architects Learning & Development: An Interview With Our Chief of Staff

We sat down with Chief of Staff Clegg Hubbell to ask him about his approach to the Wealth Architects Learning & Development (L&D) program he has been leading and how it benefits our clients, partners and associates.

6 Strategies: Financial and Tax Planning During Volatile Times

Over the last several months, we’ve received an outpouring of questions from clients about recent economic events and current market volatility. In a time of inflation, increasing interest rates, bank runs, geopolitics, layoffs and the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, it’s only natural to have financial concerns and emotional unease.

The Recession That Wasn’t

Last quarter treated investors to continuing strong equity returns. Global equites rose over 6% and are now up nearly 14% as of the end of June. Domestic equities saw particularly strong gains: nearly 9% for the second quarter. Global bond markets held their value: US bonds were down less than 1% and foreign bonds were up less than 1%.

Estate Preparation Before Death: A 10-Point Checklist

Whether you or your partner are ill, approaching end-of-life, or just want to be prepared in advance, this high-level list will help you start putting plans in place to ensure your wishes are met and your loved ones are supported in the event of a death.

How Will Wealth Architects Help Navigate a US Default?

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen daily stories about the United States’ “debt ceiling” and whether the US might default on its debt. We’ve been working on a debt-ceiling explainer, but a recent conversation with a client has changed our focus.

The Art and Science of Baking (and Investments)

Wealth Architects portfolio analyst Vivian Tang, CFA®, shares some of her favorite baking recipes and explores parallels between baking and investing.

First Quarter Review and Year in Review 2022 Part 2: Bonds

Last quarter we reviewed 2022 equity returns. Although most equity indices went down last year, we saw that diversifying stock portfolios by adding small and value stocks likely helped blunt the bear market blow.¹ Today we’d like to follow up by reviewing bond returns of 2022. But first, a quick look at the capital-market returns from this past quarter.

Outliving a Life Partner: Early Preparation Provides Comfort When You Need it Most

The death of a loved one is a subject many of us avoid thinking about until we must. But however unpalatable it may feel to get you and your life partner’s affairs in order now, prior to an unexpected death or terminal illness, it becomes significantly more difficult after the fact. By preparing in advance, you and your partner are doing the ultimate favor for your future selves. You are offering each other some relief and an improved state of mind during what will likely be a painful and overwhelming time.

Asset Protection & Estate Planning for Non-U.S. Citizens

I have found non-U.S. citizens are often inadequately informed about the repercussions U.S. and international estate and tax laws can have on their assets and overall estate. Sometimes, when I bring up this topic with clients, they realize they have not planned sufficiently and they get stressed. I want to offer some peace of mind for those of you in this scenario: while these are complex issues, there are experts who can walk you through this process and help you put a plan in place to protect your assets and estate.

Financial Well-being: 12 Tips for Young Adults & Their Parents

1. Put in place an advance health care directive (AHCD) when you reach the age of majority For any adult experiencing a medical crisis or even non-critical need, not having an advance health care directive in place could cause stressful, nightmarish issues for the patient and their loved ones. Due to the HIPAA Privacy Rule,