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A Guide to Facilitating Family Financial Conversations

In my 30 years as a wealth advisor, there are few conversations I have observed that create greater trepidation for clients than talking to family members about money.

How Dependent Is Your Wealth on Your Company’s Stock Value?

It can be tempting to hold onto your equity well beyond its vesting date in anticipation of the value increasing, but every company has its own life path and the most profitable companies of today won’t necessarily be the most profitable companies of tomorrow. The optimal move is often a consistent approach down the middle.

Balancing Money and Love to Build a Wealthier Life

“Money” and “love” – simple words, but deep and complex topics that we often take for granted. They run through our daily lives like blood and water, keeping us going and our world turning.

Young Professionals: Career Planning with the “Background, Blueprint, Build” Model

We are colleagues and associates at Wealth Architects, a wealth and life planning firm. We have worked in multiple roles and office environments prior to this one, and have taken away some lessons that we think will be helpful for other young professionals – in any industry – at the early stages of their careers.

A Change in Trends

Last quarter, stocks took back some of the robust returns investors enjoyed through the first half of the year.

A Money and Love Decision-Making Framework: Q&A with Myra Strober and Abby Davisson

For over 50 years, Labor Economist and Stanford University Professor Emerita Myra Strober has been investigating the financial, psychological and relational implications of major life decision-making. Together with former student and social innovation leader, Abby Davisson, they developed a framework for navigating complex conversations and decisions pertaining to our personal and professional lives. 

Wealth Architects Learning & Development: An Interview With Our Chief of Staff

We sat down with Chief of Staff Clegg Hubbell to ask him about his approach to the Wealth Architects Learning & Development (L&D) program he has been leading and how it benefits our clients, partners and associates.

6 Strategies: Financial and Tax Planning During Volatile Times

Over the last several months, we’ve received an outpouring of questions from clients about recent economic events and current market volatility. In a time of inflation, increasing interest rates, bank runs, geopolitics, layoffs and the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, it’s only natural to have financial concerns and emotional unease.

The Recession That Wasn’t

Last quarter treated investors to continuing strong equity returns. Global equites rose over 6% and are now up nearly 14% as of the end of June. Domestic equities saw particularly strong gains: nearly 9% for the second quarter. Global bond markets held their value: US bonds were down less than 1% and foreign bonds were up less than 1%.

Estate Preparation Before Death: A 10-Point Checklist

Whether you or your partner are ill, approaching end-of-life, or just want to be prepared in advance, this high-level list will help you start putting plans in place to ensure your wishes are met and your loved ones are supported in the event of a death.